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Here’s my current list of topics I’d like us to cover as we get Divorce Dojo up and running. Consider this a “To Do” list of future blog posts, listed in no particular priority order. Divorce (and the impact of divorce on your personal finances) is a pretty broad subject matter, but there are some basic categories. Here’s my first stab, I’ll update it with links to the finished posts as they come to life…

Divorce topics:

  • Marriage is about love. Divorce is about money – setting the stage and context
  • Collaborative vs. Litigation method – How combative is your divorce likely to be? Two approaches depending on your needs. One might save you some money, *IF* both sides are in agreement on how to divide things up…
  • Choosing an Attorney – what “lawyering up” looks like, and how much it costs
  • Hiring a CDFA – Certified Divorce Financial Analyst – when dividing up your assets, it may be worthwhile to bring in a professional who is well versed in divorce and tax law.
  • Alimony / Spousal Maintenance – considerations for both payor and payee (pay it all in a lump sum? is it tax deductible? what about the length of my marriage? etc.)
  • Kids and Custody – what to consider when it comes to custody arrangements / residential plans
  • Child Support – what to consider re: child support payment calculations
  • Parenting Plans – for divorces with children, this document is the most important (and longest living) result. Proceed with care and caution.
  • Post-Divorce Checklist – the divorce is now final, but there are loose ends to tie up! Separating accounts, revised estate plans, insurance beneficiaries, etc.
  • Splitting your Retirement Funds – 401ks and QDROs and WTFs aplenty
  • Taxes – going from one household to two, and one IRS filing vs. separate ones
  • Prenuptial Agreements – much like a weapon, it’s better to have one and not need it than it is to need one and not have it.

Personal Finance topics:

  • Taking Inventory – what’s the damage?
    • Before the Crash – what Sensei’s portfolio looked like pre-divorce
    • After the Crash – what Sensei’s portfolio looks like post-divorce
  • Strategy Review – your old plans no longer apply. What’s important to consider now that you’re single again, with or without kids?
  • Time vs. Money – you’re getting back up and dusting yourself off after a tumble. Before you get back on that hamster wheel, what’s the new math for figuring out how hard to run on it?

What’s missing? What other topics would you like to see covered?

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