Finding the Cusp

When your divorce is underway, you may feel hopelessly lost – like all your plans have been blown up and there’s no end in sight to the damage being done. Money is being burned at an alarming rate, and your financial goalposts keep moving further and further away in your mind. Kids college funds? Retirement? Vacation home? Maybe those goals, hopes, and dreams were on your timeline last year, but this year – your timeline took a downward curve and those goals are sliding down and away. Some are perhaps gone forever, but others are just temporarily out of view – they’re still there, they’re just “beyond the cusp” of your current timeline.

You just can’t see them now, because you’re mentally following the downward trend line of your life at the moment. But there’s a point on that line where things reverse course – the cusp.

The main definition of cusp in mathematical parlance is “a point at which the direction of a curve is abruptly reversed.”

In more common conversation, it’s used to convey being “on the threshold or verge of a development or action.

In terms of financial recovery from a traumatic event (like a divorce), the cusp is the point where the rate of damage has reversed and rebuilding has begun. Find that point, visualize it on a spreadsheet, start mapping it to dates on your calendar, and prepare to start climbing back out of that pit.


crawling out of pit


During tough times it’s important to remind yourself that “this too shall pass” – and that you will be able to resume an upward trajectory at some point. The sooner you can identify where this point is on your timeline, the sooner you can start moving towards it, and the sooner you can resume that upward climb. Once you find the cusp, you can rebound back up and away from that downward curve.


Just be careful to avoid that OTHER kind of rebound… 🙂







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