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Welcome to the Divorce Dojo. This site is dedicated to helping people repair their personal finances after a divorce. (Or, maybe to help you plan ahead if you’re thinking about starting a divorce…)

Aside from the emotional turmoil, financial chaos is one of the most tangible artifacts of divorce. Your personal finances are likely a mess now. Where once your financial goals involved a partner, now you are left on your own to make new goals. Usually you are left with fewer financial resources than before, and with a newly reset timeline to reach your goals. That’s why I always say marriage is about love, but divorce is about money.


Why call this site a dojo?


Dojo is a Japanese word that means “place of the way“. In martial arts culture, it represents a training hall where practice makes perfect. In Zen Buddhist culture, it represents a meditation hall for the pursuit of clarity.

Divorce is (at best) a time of change and uncertainty in one’s life. The “way” of life you once knew has changed, and you need to practice a new way. You need to re-discover your way.

This dojo is for people to come together to find their financial way forward again, and to help others find their path as well. This is a community effort – we all have different levels of financial understanding, and different pre/post divorce financial scenarios. I started this site after my own divorce finalized, as a way to help me plan my own financial recovery. I wanted to start a community to share what I learned along the way, and to help others, and learn from you as well.

This is NOT a “top down” model, with a certified professional personal finance expert leading the class. While I call myself Sensei – I do not purport to be a financial expert. I’m here to facilitate, share what I already know, and what I learn along the way. But a true dojo is made to be grown and maintained by its students!

From Wikipedia:

A proper Japanese martial arts dōjō is considered special and is well cared for by its users. Dōjō are supposed to be supported and managed by the student body, not the staff. This attitude has become lost in many modern dōjō that are founded and run by a small group of people or instructors. 

I’m “staff” here, but this dojo is yours!  So I welcome you all and encourage your participation in the form of comments, guest postings, and general sharing of knowledge as we find our way back to financial recovery after your divorce. Together. Got ideas for future postings? Check the topics backlog and let me know what you’d like to see!

Divorce is a time of uncertainty, and for most – a significant and unplanned financial reset. I hope this dojo will prove useful for all who enter, and that we all discover our new way to financial recovery.



email: sensei @ divorcedojo dot com